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If you are looking for a Pastoral and/or Mental Health Expert for any of your media platforms, Chimère will provide clear, insightful, thought provoking commentary to help and inspire your audience.


Girl I know sometimes it’s hard And we can’t let go Oh when someone hurts you oh so bad inside You can’t deny it you can’t stop crying If you start breathin’ Then you won’t believe it You’ll feel so much better Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go—Erykah Badu
I spoke with NBC-10’s Cydney Long about Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah interview where she revealed her mental health struggles and the blatant racism she faced while in the Royal Family.
I speak to reporter and Cheddar host Brad Smith about the state of mental health in the Black community in celebration of Black History Month.
I speak with Host Hattie Hawks of NBC-4 about mental health in the African American community, the various disparities men and women wrestle with, and reasons why the Black community deserves professional help.
Authority Magazine Interview – Be Ye Renewed Counseling is featured as I offer 5 Lifestyle Tweaks that support Wellness

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