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If you are looking for a Pastoral and/or Mental Health Expert for any of your media platforms, Chimère will provide clear, insightful, thought provoking commentary to help and inspire your audience.


Shedding a Light on Pro Athletes and Mental Health
Delaware Valley residents face back-to-work anxiety as life returns to pre-COVID normal
The 101 Guide to Grief for Friends Supporting One Another
Apartment Had a blast speaking with Apartment for ‘Restival’ season. Happy to contribute to author Crystal Bell’s whopping 83 ways to recharge and relax in as little as 5 minutes at home. I hope some of these suggestions and tips will help someone, as together, we continue to navigate pandemic working and living. Check it out here: (link in image)
Chimere Holmes of ‘Be Ye Renewed Consulting’: “Create a daily routine”
I spoke with NBC-10’s Cydney Long about Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah interview where she revealed her mental health struggles and the blatant racism she faced while in the Royal Family.
I speak to reporter and Cheddar host Brad Smith about the state of mental health in the Black community in celebration of Black History Month.
I speak with Host Hattie Hawks of NBC-4 about mental health in the African American community, the various disparities men and women wrestle with, and reasons why the Black community deserves professional help.
Authority Magazine Interview – Be Ye Renewed Counseling is featured as I offer 5 Lifestyle Tweaks that support Wellness

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