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If you are looking for a Pastoral and/or Mental Health Expert for any of your media platforms, Chimère will provide clear, insightful, thought provoking commentary to help and inspire your audience.


I had the pleasure of speaking with NBC-10’s Rosemary Connors following the tragic, deadly shooting that claimed the life of a Jefferson Hospital employee. In traumatic times like these, we must uphold and protect the physical and mental safety of the countless men and women in the workplace.
Special thanks to The Black News Channel for having me on ‘Start Your Day,’ with Sharon Reed. I spoke with Sharon about helping kids cope with COVID-19 re-entry anxiety. Let’s continue to squash the stigma surrounding mental health and validate the emotions of our children. With gratitude, Chimere.
Had a great time chatting with Elsa M., from ABC Baltimore’s Midday Maryland about COVID-19 Re-entry anxiety and the best ways to attend to mental health, as many are feeling stress and uncertainty about returning to in-person classrooms and work settings.
I recently spoke with Fox 29’s Dawn Timmeney about the back to school season and young children returning to in-person learning, while having to adjust to the recent mask mandates. I hope that this piece inspires parents and teachers alike to avail themselves for honest and open conversations–prioritizing the health and safety of students when they wear their masks. Adults can encourage wholehearted discussions where they hear their children’s concerns, discomforts, fears, and anxieties about our ever-changing new normal. Our children deserve understanding, patience, empathy, and encouragement this school year!
Shedding a Light on Pro Athletes and Mental Health
Delaware Valley residents face back-to-work anxiety as life returns to pre-COVID normal
The 101 Guide to Grief for Friends Supporting One Another
Apartment Had a blast speaking with Apartment for ‘Restival’ season. Happy to contribute to author Crystal Bell’s whopping 83 ways to recharge and relax in as little as 5 minutes at home. I hope some of these suggestions and tips will help someone, as together, we continue to navigate pandemic working and living. Check it out here: (link in image)
Chimere Holmes of ‘Be Ye Renewed Consulting’: “Create a daily routine”
I spoke with NBC-10’s Cydney Long about Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah interview where she revealed her mental health struggles and the blatant racism she faced while in the Royal Family.
I speak to reporter and Cheddar host Brad Smith about the state of mental health in the Black community in celebration of Black History Month.
I speak with Host Hattie Hawks of NBC-4 about mental health in the African American community, the various disparities men and women wrestle with, and reasons why the Black community deserves professional help.
Authority Magazine Interview – Be Ye Renewed Counseling is featured as I offer 5 Lifestyle Tweaks that support Wellness

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